Macrolink Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Modules

There are many choices for different power from 290W to 320W and the quality of modules is consistent and durable because of automatic packaging.

It is widely applicable for ground-based and distributed power plant.

Chint Solar Panel

Chint Energy EN 156P-60 solar panels are 100% EL tested, with a zero defect guarantee to help you realize a sustainable return on investment. With only positive tolerance (0-5W), these solar panels have a high efficiency guaranteed throughout their lifetime and are cost effective to maximize your profit.

Omnik Solar Inverters

Omnik Solar Inverter has extremely long service life and compact volume, and could support multiple connected and remote monitor to each modules, convenient management. No afraid of shadow, it could greatly improve overall power station generation efficiency; let you own the highest return.

Ginlong Solis Inverters

Ginlong Solis inverters (CEC listed under Ningbo Ginlong) are produced at Ginlong’s advanced, highly automated factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Ginlong is a vertically integrated tier 1 manufacturer with complete in-house manufacturing using only the highest quality internal components. Ginlong’s commitment to quality and research and development has achieved some of the highest reliability rates in the PV inverter industry with a reliability rate of 99.73%

Chint String Inverter

The CPS SC14/20KTL-DO grid-tied transformer-less PV inverter is an ideal building block for 600VDC commercial three phase applications. The integrated and flexible wiring box eliminates the need for DC combiner boxes in the field. Dual, and independent, MPPT’s enable granular power conversion and design flexibility. The unit is easily serviceable with a replacement unit in the field, significantly improving uptime over the life of the system.